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On Kyo and Cheating.

Hah, just kidding. As full of wow that he is, I'd have to kill him.

No, this is just two things in one. If you haven't read it, here's a translated interview from Haiiro no Genka vol.38 featuring Kyo. And uhm...Glass Skin revalations. Please thank ayafujimiya for this, and for anything else you read/download from her site.

As for the cheating:
I was having a conversation with an aquatience (sp), and somehow we got on the subject of forgiving someone for cheating the first time they did it, that everyone deserves a second chance. I don't agree with that, I think it's the fact that I'd never do that to someone I love and I thought loved me...well that's just outright betrayal.

Anyway, when I told this friend that, he started talking about 'accidentally' cheating on someone. Accidentally? You can always say no, I argued.

He then told me about how a friend of his was drugged, and she had sex with all these guys. I said, well, she shouldn't do drugs if she knows it's going to do that to her. He said that she was DRUGGED, like the guys put it in her drink, and that it's accidental cheating because she was willing after drugged, but not before or after.

ISN'T THAT RAPE? Forcing someone into sex, and by forcing meaning she had no control over the situation and givin the chance would have refused, like THAT is at least date rape. Then he said that I was to lax on what constitutes as cheating.



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