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She Chortled in Her Joy

The enigmatic first entry, aaaaaaah.

Well I'm going to waste it because it's 7:15 in the morning and I am sleepy.




Roseanne comes on in 45 minutes, I can't go to sleep now!!! Woe is me. Now I have to sit through two shows, I Love Lucy - which isn't a total loss- and possibly Degrassi: The Next Generation, which may well be the thing that makes me flee to my bed and miss Roseanne >:/ 

Fuck you Degrassi.

Oh oh oh oh. And. Recently, don't know if you know, depends where you are and how much you care I suppose. . . anyway, recently the dome that the Dallas Cowboys practice indoors in collapsed around them during heavy, fast, dangerous winds. It's complete of major suckage, but... being someone who likes sports AND lives in Tex's, I cannot escape the news. Uhm, I'd really like it to be away now. Every single fucking news channel says they have the FIRST and BEST and OMG look at the collapse and THEIR cameraman and THEIR journalist was whitness and NO FUCKIN' BODY ELSE KNEW ABOUT IT BEFORE THEY DID. I bet the dome knew. I bet the dome was like "*dome-y voice*Ooooooohhh daaaammmmn *waver waver* I'mmmmaaa gooiinnnn doooooooooowwwww*crashcrashcrashspinalinjurieswhocares*"


ANYWAY. SOMEONE TAKE ME TO GO SEE THE NEW STAR TREK (lol f.y.i. i typed in 'wars' before i saw and deleted it to put 'trek' lol can you imagine such a world ^^) MOVIE (mmmmm) AND THE NEW WOLVERINE MOVIE (MMMMMMMMMMM).

I'm hungry.


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